September 9, 2020

Dear Miss Deed,

I am a physician and listed my curriculum vitae on the World Job Bank. I received the following e-mail from a recruiting firm: "We have great practices for you around the country. Please tell me where you want to go."

I am annoyed because I took the time to spell out my geographic preference and don't have time to read silly, non-specific e-mails. Do I have any recourse with this firm? 

Yours truly, 

Expected Moore, MD 

Dear Dr. Moore: 

Yes, you do! In Section III, Ethical Rules, subsection D. 4. a., the NAPR Code of Ethics states "additionally, no candidate registered with the World Job Bank, Cooperative Mailing Program or any future member service may be contacted for any purpose other than to present practice opportunities (jobs)". In other words, the firm who contacted you should have described a practice(s) or in some way given you details about a job. Because the e-mail failed to describe any aspect of a practice/job, the firm has violated this section of the Code. 

The Code allows the Ethics Committee a choice of several disciplinary actions. Although your annoyance is significant, removing a digit from the right hand of the firm's owner is not one of them. Because this is both a first-time offense and a new section of the Code, the firm will be cautioned against committing future similar violations. 


Miss Deed